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Zach Malott -Marriage/Couples Specialist

Zach Malott  ma, lmhc, ladac

Founder and Owner

After several years of practice, I specialized in marriage and couples relationship counseling.  I had found I was drawn to helping couples to find they’re way back to one another.  This excited me, kept my interest, and fulfilled  my work life.

I would love to work with you and bring my specialized expertise and genuine concern into the chaos and confusion of your relationship distress and work with you to clear the fog and discover relational harmony again.




Since you clicked on this page, you must want the back story.  All my life I desired to work towards improving myself, eliminate becoming stuck in place, and to be productive in ways that benefited myself and to aid others in their own self-fulfillment goals.


Throughout my life, I have held different occupations.  In my 20s–I had entered the electricial field as a journeyman electrician in Arkansas.  I had followed in my father’s footsteps but was not exactly in love with what I was doing.  I entered the business world and started and ran several companies.  I eventually settled on motel entrepreneurship and owned a small motel and restaurant.  I was ordained as a minister and served for several years as associate pastor, then pastor of a church.


I felt convinced that my desire to work one on one with people led me to obtain a MA in professional counseling which became the centerpoint of my focus and has grown into an online venture to be able to work with anyone in the State of New Mexico.

My vision has been to reach out to couples who are experiencing distress in their relationships by offering special counseling for their relational difficulties.


If you are feeling uncertain what to do about where your relationship is headed, the following may be helpful:


There are telltale signs that signal you and your partner could benefit from couples counseling.  Difficult conflict can lead to things being said that hurt us at our core.


Here are some facts:


  • 31% of couples take a premarital relationship education program.
  • That leaves 69% who do  not. According to Gottman.com, 64% of American marriages end in divorce.
  • Average couple waits six years before seeking professional help for marital problems.
  • This is after dissatisfaction due to relational problems have begun.

Check out a few examples and how it can negatively affect your relationship:


  • Escalating conflict and nasty communication habits.
  • Emotional distance and loneliness.
  • Falling out of love, i.e. “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”
  • Trust and commitment issues, such as difficulty relying on a partner or not putting each partners’ well being on par with each other.
  • Attachment insecurities that are grounded in feelings of low self-worth and fears of abandonment. This can include extreme dependence, which leads to intrusive behaviors. But it can also include extreme independence which can make a partner feel like they’re not a priority.
  • Feeling unsupported and emotionally dismissed or difficulty with opening up emotionally.
  • Sexual intimacy is practically non-existent, there is a lack of desire, and/or it’s rarely talked about.
  • Difficulties with in-laws, friendships, work, or life stressors including health issues.
  • Abuse, affairs, and addictions (alcohol, drugs, porn, etc.)
  • Differences in parenting styles that lead to conflict.
  • Mismanagement and disagreement on finances.
  • Things feeling unfair in the division of household chores.
  • Untreated anxiety and depression issues that complicate things in the relationship.
  • Unequal decision making.
  • Difficult childhood upbringings that have emotionally wounded partners and make it difficult to trust your partner or stay engaged when conflict arises.

Are any of these familiar to you?  Are you hesitant as to where to turn for help?  If you give me a call, we can discuss your particular situation.

At the very least, you can receive accurate information that will provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision about whether or not relational counseling can benefit your relationship.


You can obtain this information by taking the time to fill out and return the form below to me today.  Why wait?  Your relationship is worth the time.

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