TeleCounseling New Mexico

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Serving Every City And Rural Area Of The State

“Knowing That Your Therapist hears and understands you is a great feeling”

I specialize entirely in marital, couples, and relational matters.  It is my only focus. 

I refer 90% of any other counseling situations that call to other therapists—

—unless the other disorder pertains to my client’s relational difficulties.

Infidelity matters are a specialized field within marriage and couples work. This is a specialty of ours. 

The mission of TNM is to help those who are experiencing negative situations in their marriage or other couples  relationships to heal and become stronger than ever.

If you’re looking for help involving relational difficulties, you have found it.

  Your situation is  my only concern.  You found your way–the rest we do…together!

Zach Malott


I love my work.  People are important to me.  We are all on this Spaceship Earth so we are all inner-connected as living beings speeding through space while circling our star in a galaxy that is only one in trillions. We all need one another.  Everyone plays their part.  My part is your relationship if it is having unhealthy issues.  I started out as a generalist working with any disorder.  I discovered my love of and my abilityf to work with couples and other combinations to obtain results that surpassed statistical norms.  That pleased me.  So I obtained further trainings and studied techniques that were comfortable for me and worked for my clients.  I am here to work with you– if we determine that we fit well together and able to accomplish your goals.  If you are interested in the educational and technical information about me, please click the button below.

I Know This Is A Difficult Time

There are a lot of things taking place today.  Covid-19 has disrupted the globe, joblessness has taken many peoples’ jobs and children are home all day.  The new ‘Delta’ mutation is spreading fast and the mast orders are around the corner again. I also take into consideration that finding someone you want to work with can appear overwhelming.  I get it. I specialize specifically in counseling couples and relationships.  I would like to take some of this burden from you by offering my services.  The rest–we do together.

It’s hard to sometimes get the full picture from a website.  Give me your first name (so I have something to call you besides “Hey You!).  Give me your best email (remember to check spam–it gets tighter by the day) and I will send you a pdf that will provide you with an overview in writing.  You can unsubscribe anytime you want so no big deal.

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Special days and times can be arranged under certain circumstances.